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A beautiful bathroom brings something special to your everyday. Admiring the swirling patterns of the stone as you get ready in the morning, or the smoothness of its surface as you wind down at night: it will add wonder to your taken for-granted routines.

With natural antibacterial qualities, stone is a hygienic choice for your bathroom. Plus, it will stand up to the heat of your straighteners and the sharpness of your shaver. Strong and resistant to chips, it makes a practical surface. And if you choose {INSERT} quartz, there’s little need for maintenance.

Our artisanal stonemasons can work our materials into surrounds for your sink, windowsills or even luxury floors.

Which stone should I choose?

Our bestsellers for bathroom are...

Natural stone is not just for your kitchen

Granite will withstand the weather alongside your outdoor BBQ and the heat in your living room hearth. As well as worktops, we can
work the material for other features around your home.

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