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Snuggling up by the fireside is one of life’s simple pleasures. Styling your fire with a granite hearth can transform it into a signature feature of your home.

The hearth is the floor of the fireplace, making sure your fire is safe as well as sophisticated. Only a fire-resistant material like granite should be used so it won’t crack under the heat.

Usually the hearth extends out beyond the base of the fire to catch any embers and keep the flames a safe distance from your living space. Since it’s on show, you’ll want to make sure it’s beautiful. Stone works timelessly as a centrepiece of your lounge.

Which stone should I choose?

Our bestsellers for hearths are...

Natural stone is not just for your hearths

Granite will withstand the weather alongside your outdoor BBQ and the heat in your living room hearth. As well as worktops, we can
work the material for other features around your home.

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